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Located in West Sussex, this former Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement has long since been at the forefront of the most sought-after places to study in the United Kingdom. Despite its rather small population (26,795 people according to the most recent figures), Chichester remains one of the most popular cities in the UK.


Chichester boasts a large history and a huge amount of culture within the city, all of which is accessible and also affordable. The Novium is the museum that people should go to if you’re looking to learn more about Chichester and the world that you’re studying in. Goodword House is another such place for you to visit, built in 1697 by Charles Lennox, it’s one of the oldest buildings not just in Chichester but the UK, accessible for the public too and worth looking at!

If you’re looking to see the latest blockbuster films out right now, then Chichester can help you out there too! With a number of cinemas located across the city, the most prominent of which is Cineworld, which is usually the most popular owing to its tiered seating and comfy seats, something that comes in handy when watching films!

There are plenty of notable people that come from Chichester too including; Peter Baldwin, Hugh Dennis, Harriet Barber, Christopher Fry, Ian Lloyd and Tom Odell.


It’s almost impossible to go to university or a city without experiencing some of the best in terms of nightlife that they city has to offer. Chichester is no different, a huge variety available for people.

First up we have one of the venues for live music in Chichester in the form of La Havana, which has long since been at the forefront of the rising Chichester music scene and is definitely worth taking a look at if you’re into your music.

Another great place is the bar known as The Slug and Lettuce, which has been the place that people go to, to enjoy their nights out. Everything from food to alcohol and the occasional live performance is offered here.


Chichester also has a wide variety of things that you can do while in the city, with everything from live music to literary events and everything in between. One of the places is Blues on the Farm, which doubles as both a restaurant and a music festival and is definitely worth a visit! A fantastic day out and an excellent way to experience the culture of Chichester.


Chichester has an extensive collection of bus routes and train services available to the public. It’s worth bearing in mind as you’ll want to know how to get to and from the city centre. Chichester also has its airport, in the Chichester Airport which flies to many destinations across Europe.


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