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Located in the West Midlands, Coventry is the 12th largest city in the UK and the 9th largest city in England. The city boasts a population of 337,428 according to the most recent figures. It is situated around 95-odd miles away from London.


Coventry has museums that give you an insight into the history of the city and are accessible at an affordable rate. The two most important museums that we think are worth looking at are the Coventry Transport Museum and Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, both of which show you two crucial aspects of Coventry. The transportation of the city and also the art forms that have added to Coventry’s rich and decadent history.

Fancy a night out at the cinema? Well, worry not! Cinemas are all around Coventry, whether it be Showcase Cinemas or even the Odeon. Both of which come at affordable prices and give you a change of pace from some of the long nights out.

Notable people to have come from Coventry include; Terry Hall, Panjabi MC, James Starley, Tamla Kari and Richard Keys.


Coventry has a wide variety of different places for people looking for a good night to, everything from live music venues all the way through to bars, grills, restaurants, pubs or nightclubs. We’ve selected three of our favourite places that you can visit in Coventry for a great night out!

First up we have Club Heat, which has been a favourite haunt for the locals of Coventry for some time, with everything from live music all the way through to DJ sets and a perfect place to enjoy a night out with your friends.

Recently enjoying their 21st birthday, we recommend Kasbah Nightclub. A particularly popular haunt for students as it offers a fresher’s week welcoming and a way for you to meet people at your university as well as a chance to drink and enjoy the night with loud music and lots of dancing.

Another place which we recommend offers a variety of different prices such as 50% of all drinks before 12:00 am on Fridays and before 11:00 pm on Saturday’s, and it’s called JJ’s. This has long been a place that people talk about all the time; maybe it’s the amazing offers they have or the fantastic music they have, you’re bound to find something that you like here.


Coventry has it’s own music festival that it runs annually, not too dissimilar to Staffordshire/Chelmsford’s annual V Festival or Glastonbury, but in the form of the Coventry Godiva Festival. It features a number of well-known acts and is a great three days out to enjoy some of the best and some of the most unknown of the music industry. Coventry also runs an Oktoberfest which is particularly useful if you feel like getting a little drunk one weekend.


Coventry has a transportation system that will certainly get you from A to B. With everything that you would expect in a major city such as; a train station, bus routes, there is also an airport located some five miles south of the city centre called Coventry Airport, which can come in handy if you’re looking for a weekend away or something.

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