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One of the Romans many early settling points, Derby sits in the north of England and boasts a rough population of 248,700 according to the most recent figures. Derby was the very forefront of the industrial revolution and a place of natural interest for many people learning about the industrial revolution.


Derby plays host to many cultural activities and venues to visit. A number of museums are accessible to the public including; Derby Museum & Art Gallery, which plays host to some special pieces, Pickford’s House and The Silk Mill, all of which are easily accessible to the public at an affordable rate.

There aren’t many places in the UK that don’t have at least one cinema, and Derby is no exception. Derby has two Showcase Cinemas as well as an Odeon. They all show the latest releases of films, but if you’re looking for more independent films, then we recommend during one of the many film societies around the city.

Plenty of famous people has come from Derby too including; Henry Cavendish, Florence Nightingale, Stephen Layton, Duncan Lloyd, Eric Malpass and Ted Moult.


Derby has a huge amount to offer people in terms of nightlife; it’s almost impossible to go to university and not go out and enjoy the exciting nightlife that the city will no doubt offer you. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we believe will be perfect for a night out.

First up is Genting Club Riverlights, which has been one of the most popular places for people to visit, with everything from gourmet food all the way to live music and everything that comes in between too!

The Furnace Inn is another place that has people interested. A pub open from 14:00 pm until 23:00 pm, it’s long been a part of the community, and it’s number of guest ales, and welcoming atmosphere has you coming back time and time again.

For the sports fanatics amongst you, we have Brunswick Inn. Although not a sport’s bar, it is very close to one, showing all sports here and allowing you to decide what you come for and what you don’t. Serving the very top in gourmet food, we thoroughly recommend this pub!


Derby has a breadth of things to be getting on with when you’re not busy revising hard. The first is The Y Not Festival, which is held annually and features a wide variety of popular acts. Though, mind you, you’ll have to be quick if you fancy getting tickets to this one, though! For those looking for something more chilled and laid back then we recommend the Off the Tracks Festival, which runs in the first few weeks of September.


Derby has the usual services offered when it comes to transportation including everything from bus routes to train stations. The closest airport (For those of you looking to take a short break) is East Midlands Airport, located about 15 or so miles from the Derby City Centre, and is home mainly to budget airlines.

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