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With the prestige of being Northern Ireland’s second largest city, we have the city of Londonderry. Dating back as far as 1613 when it was first granted a charter, Londonderry has always had a large population and currently has 237,000 people reported to live in the city according to the very most recent figures.


The city of Londonderry has a very long and rich history, in keeping with Northern Ireland’s history too. The city is as proud of this as you’d expect and the history is all immortalised in the many museums in the city including; Tower Museum and the Museum of Free Derry all of which are accessible and affordable to all members of the public.

There are a number of cinemas in the city too, all offering some of the best in cinema right now, including; Omniplex Derry Cinema and Brunswick Moviebowl. However, if you’re looking for more independent features, then we recommend you join one of the city’s many film societies to watch them.

There are a few famous people from Londonderry including; Miles Ryan, Nadine Coyle, Neil Hannon, Martin O’Neil, Darron Gibson and Amanda Burton.


The city has a vast and expansive nightlife that keeps people coming back time and time again. The city has everything you need whether it be restaurants, bars, nightclubs or a pub, Londonderry will certainly have you covered and so will we as we’ve compiled a list of three places that we think are perfect for you

First up we have Envy Bar & Nightclub, which offers everything that you could need from a nightclub. In fact, some nights they even have a free bar, music until late and admission for everyone. It’s worth looking into especially if you’re looking for a good night out; we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Next up we have Sugar Niteclub, which is another very popular nightclub in the city. One of the leaders in entertainment, the club has everything on Wild Wednesdays, with fire dancers, beer pong and pool tables. Head on over and have a look!

And lastly we have Peadar O’Donnell’s, which is one of the city’s favourite traditional Irish pubs, offering everything you’ve needed from a pub; warmth, culture, a friendly atmosphere and alcohol that never runs out plus some incredibly friendly staff, a change of pace, but certainly somewhere you’ll want to go to.


The city has many activities that keeps the community together, one of the best examples of this is Culture Night. Which celebrates the very best of Northern Irish and international culture and give you access to the very best in communal spirit too. The festival is run annually and is only getting bigger and bigger.


The transport in Londonderry is incredibly efficient. Offering everything from bus routes, cycle paths and train stations too. The city also has it’s own airport too, if you’re looking to take an international mini-break, however, it’s not an international airport so is unlikely to fly out of Europe.

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