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Scotland’s fourth largest city is one of the most popular places in the UK to study. Dundee has long since been one of the jewels of Scotland and is often praised for it’s rich and diverse culture and its friendly locals. Dundee has an estimated population of roughly 148,210 according to the most recent figures.


Dundee has a huge amount that it can offer in terms of culture. A number of museums litter the city and provide an insight into the rich and diverse history of Dundee, like Discovery Point, – a converted captain’s ship, which has been turned into a museum – The McManus or Broughty Castle. All of which are readily available and are more than affordable for members of the public looking to learn more and more about Dundee.

For those of you looking to delve deep into the world of film, Dundee can help you out here, with an excellent array of cinemas. First off we have Cineworld, which comes with tiered seating. Next up we have Dundee’s own Odeon, which too is available and offers the most recent releases. However for those looking for more independent features and the like we recommend joining one of Dundee’s many film societies.

Many famous people have come from Dundee too including; Danny Wallace, Brian Cox, Samuel Robertson, Ron Donachie, Heather Ripley, Hamish Clark and Ellie Reid.


There’s plenty to do in Dundee regarding nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a chilled night out with your friends, live music or a night out in a nightclub, Dundee has got you covered and then some. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think would be perfect for you during your stay in Dundee:

First up, we have The Wine Press, which is one of Dundee’s most popular bars and has been a fixture of Shore Terrace for some time. A particularly popular place as it just celebrated its 30th Birthday!

Another very popular place in Dundee is BrewDog Dundee, which offers you a chilled atmosphere and relaxed vibe. Everything that you need is catered for, and you’ve got access to some of the best beers in Scotland.

And last (But by no means least) we have The Speedwell Bar; on the outside, this may just look like your local garden pub, but inside it’s a wonderfully charming with a mixture of family-oriented fun mixed with live music and a good night out.


Dundee offers a wide variety of activities for you to engage in when you’re not studying hard, such as the Discovery Film Festival, which has long since been a part of Dundee’s ever-growing film scene. There is also something a little different in the form of a games festival which is offered by Abertay University, and it’s called “Dare to Be Digital”, and it’s been a big part of the Dundee festival scene for quite some time.


Dundee has an extensive transportation system that runs throughout the city, with everything from bus routes all the way through to train routes. Also, Dundee has its own airport, which flies only to London Stansted, if you’re looking to go further abroad, we recommend going to Edinburgh, which flies to more destinations.


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