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Located to the West of Sunderland, is one of the most historic cities in the UK today. Durham has long since been one of the educational epicentres that the UK has had to offer. Sitting on the River Wear, Durham boasts a population of roughly 48,069 according to the very latest figures.


Durham has a rich and diverse history and even richer culture. All of which is accessible to the public in tangible form. Durham’s many museums give you an insight into the long history that the city has to offer. The Durham University Oriental Museum, Durham University Museum of Archaeology and Durham Museum & Heritage Centre all show off the history that Durham is so proud of. Everything is affordable for those looking to learn more about the city and is accessible to absolutely everyone.

The Durham Picturehouse offers you the opportunity to see the very latest and best in cinema listings, with the very latest releases, there is also the Gala Theatre, which although it is mainly a live music and comedy event venue, there is plenty to watch on their two screens that they also offer. For those looking for more independent releases, we recommend checking out one of the city’s many film societies.

Durham also has a number of famous people that claim the city as their birthplace including; Rowan Atkinson, James Wood (No, not that one!), James Fenton, George Camsell, Violet Hunt and Pauline Murray.


Durham is one of the best places in the UK to go for a night out, with everything from a chilled night out with your friends at the pub, all the way through to a classic night out in a nightclub, all being catered for, you’re every need all taken care of. We’ve compiled a list of the three places that we think you simply have to visit when you’re in Durham.

First up, we have a very weird one! Known to alumni or current students as “The Worst Nightclub in Europe”, the honour bestowed upon Klute Durham. It’s an unusual USP but something that they clearly try their best to enforce, truly it has to be seen, to be believed.

Next, we have the nightclub known LOVESHACK, which has long been a favourite of Durham’s student population since it started. You’re quite likely to find a couple of people from the TV Show Geordie Shore in here too!

And last but by no means least we have, The Big Jug, which offers you a glimpse of the rising Durham music scene and also shows you some of the very latest in football games from the Premier League and the occasional Championship game too!


Durham has a wide range of activities that keep everyone involved not just in the culture of Durham but also the community, with Durham offering such festivals as Great North Festival of Agriculture and the Dine in Durham Festival, both of which offer a wide variety of experiences and allow you to meet some locals and have a great time out too!


Durham’s transportation routes are some of the best in the UK. Durham offers everything from bus routes to train stations and everything in between. For those looking to leave the country, however, it probably best that you head to Newcastle Airport, which is situated 25 miles away from Durham.

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