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The capital of Scotland is the seventh most populated city in the whole of the UK with a staggering 464,990 people living in Edinburgh according to the most recent figures. One of the most popular cities in Scotland to visit and considered to be one of the most well-known cities regarding university accomplishment.


Edinburgh has long been known for it’s rich and diverse history. The history of the city is something that not just people from Edinburgh are proud of! The whole of Scotland celebrates the history of the city. And it’s all available tangibly as well through things like the Museum of Edinburgh, the National Museum of Scotland and the HMY Britannia, all of which are accessible to the public and are affordable while operating on a student loan.

If you’re looking to enjoy some of the latest and greatest in film right now, then Edinburgh offers a wide array of different places to enjoy them, whether it be Cineworld (Who’s tiered seating has long been a favourite of filmgoers) or one of the many Vue Cinemas that litter the city. However, if you’re looking for more independent features, then we recommend going to one of the city’s many film societies.

Many famous people come from Edinburgh including; Sean Connery, Ronnie Corbett, Rory Bremner, Alexander Johnston, Adam Anderson and Madeleine of Valois.


As the capital of Scotland, there’s always somewhere to visit. Whether it be a chilled night out with your friends in a pub or dancing the night away in one of Edinburgh’s top nightclubs, we’ve got you covered and so too does Edinburgh. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think could be useful for you.

First up we have, Cabaret Voltaire, a nightclub full of live music and DJ sets to whet your appetite. As well as a buzzing atmosphere and a reasonable price on drinks there’s also professional photography for you to be able to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which certainly helps your social presence!

Secondly, we have the nightclub known as The Liquid Rooms, which shows some of the very best in live music right now. One of the most popular places in Edinburgh to see the emerging Scottish music scene in it’s very purest form alive and kicking, chilled atmosphere and friendly patrons will have you coming back too.

The Jazz Bar is the last (But by no means least) on our list of popular places in Edinburgh that you should visit and experience. A live music venue and a bar, it’s at the forefront of the trends in Edinburgh right now, and it’s enticing atmosphere and will have you coming back again and again.


Edinburgh has a host of things that you can do, whether it be climbing all the way up to Arthur’s Seat, where you can see the whole of the city with a beautiful visage of Edinburgh below you. Edinburgh runs its own festival called The Edinburgh Festival, featuring everything from live comedy and music all the way through the latest in independent feature films. Also, we have Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for those still looking to get into the festival but haven’t quite made it yet.


Edinburgh has a number of bus routes and train stations that will help you get around from point A to point B, but there is also numerous of other helpful transportation routes that can help you out, such as the city’s many cycle paths. Also, the city has its airport, Edinburgh Airport, which is the principal gateway to various places around the globe, which we recommend using if you’re making your way abroad.

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