Glasgow Student Guide

Posted at: 2:49 pm,  09/06/2016


Scotland’s largest city and the second city of the British Empire, Glasgow has the notable distinction of being at the very cultural epicentre of Scotland as it grows. Glasgow has (According to recent figures) a rough population of 606,430 people living in the city alone, making it one of the most vastly populated cities in the whole of Scotland.


Glasgow has a rich and diverse history that has long been part of the attraction of the city and the country itself. All of the histories of the city is available in one of the many museums littered around the city including the Riverside Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, People’s Palace Glasgow and the Scottish Football Museum.

For those interested in cinema, Glasgow boasts a wealth of various movie theatres for you to watch the newest movies that Hollywood has to offer. Everything from a Cineworld (With tiered seating we hasten to add) or the Odeon. All of which are available and have the newest releases available. However, if you’re looking for more independent releases etc., we recommend joining one of the city’s many different film societies.

Plenty of famous people has come from Glasgow too, including; Frankie Boyle, Kevin Bridges, John Barrowman, Bill Forsyth, Billy Connolly, Jimmy Somerville and Rory McCann.


University students up and down the land have always spoken about the fun experiences of enjoying the nightlife of their respective study city, we’ve compiled a list of two places in Glasgow that we think could be useful for you if you’re looking for a good night out with your friends or exploring the city.

First up we have Sub Club, a club located in Jamaica Street, which features some of the very best in live music and DJ sets and is one of the most sought after clubs in Glasgow and is worth looking out for

Next up we have The Garage, which may be one of the best nightclubs in Scotland, but that doesn’t stop them from showing all of the eight Harry Potter films back-to-back in the club, certainly something different, at least!


Glasgow has a number of activities to keep you entertained with some exciting festivals, with everything from the Southside Film Festival, the Piping Live! Festival. Both of which are affordable and accessible for students of all ages. We recommend giving them a look in if you’re looking to enjoy your time in Glasgow.


Glasgow has everything that you need to get around. Everything from train routes all the way through to bus routes.The city also has its own airport too, Glasgow International Airport, which flies internationally to all destinations. The city’s transportation also has some schemes for students to reduce travel costs too.

Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre

The centre have dry slopes, either for you to practise before the real thing, or just for a fun day out! Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre also have tubes (rubber-ring) in which you can slide down to slope on! You can pay for the day and rent the equipment all at the centre

Escape Rooms Scotland

Escape rooms have 4 different escape styles. It's a chance for you and your friends to work together; use clues and complete tasks to escape from the selected room. You pay for the room not individually; £70 for one room, which can accommodate from 2-6 people.

The SSE Hydro

The SSE Hydro is a multi-purpose entertainment arena which shows live performances including; sport, music, comedy and much more!