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Boasting a rough population of 58,896 according to the most recent figures, we have Hereford. Sitting sixteen miles east of the Welsh border.


Hereford has a number of different museums devoted to not only to the culture of the city but also to the history of the city too. All accessible and affordable for members of the public, we recommend visiting such places as the Hereford Museum & Art Gallery or Hereford House, which also boasts a large number of attractions for people with a yearn to learn more and more about the city.

If you’re interested in the latest releases from Hollywood, then Hereford has got the facilities to help you. With the Hereford Odeon being the most popular place to watch some of the best in new releases or the Courtyard Theatre Cinema. Both of which are available at an affordable price and easily accessible.

Gilbert Harding, Connor Wickham, Frank Oz, Sarah Siddons and Ellie Goulding are just some of the famous people that have come from Hereford.


Hereford has numerous places that you can go to enjoy yourself. Whether you’re looking for a night out with live music and DJ sets, or looking for a chilled and relaxed atmosphere, Hereford has got you covered. We’ve made a list of three places that we think could be perfect for your night out.

First up, we have Play Nightclub, which has the USP of £4 entry and £2 drinks. If ever there’s an incentive to make your way to a club then this is it, a calm atmosphere and cheap to boot, we recommend this one very highly!

Secondly, we have Saxty’s Bar, Restaurant & Club, which manages to triple up as a desirable restaurant a cool club with DJ sets and a chilled out bar to watch sport. A recommended place for everyone and a place that is sure to cater (If you’ll pardon the pun) to all of your needs, regardless of what they are.
And last by no means least is Shake and Stir, which as the name suggests is a bar that caters more to your alcoholic side and is very highly recommended by patrons and locals alike. Their Spiced Apple Mojito is certainly one to look out for.


Hereford has many different activities and events to keep you occupied when, such as the Nozstock Festival, which is an exploration into the hidden valleys. The next is the El Dorado Festival, which is everything that you’ve ever needed from a festival and an attraction and we cannot recommend it highly enough.


Hereford has a very well maintained transportation system that keeps all parts of the city connected, whether it be bus routes or train routes. The closest airport is Gloucestershire Airport which is located approximately thirty-six miles from the centre of Hereford.


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