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Twenty-five miles inland from the North Sea we have Hull. One of the industry metropolises for many years, Hull boasts a population of roughly 260,000.


Hull has a long and rich history and has a handful of museums to commemorate that fact such as the Streetlife Museum of Transport, Wilberforce House, the Hull Maritime Museum and the Spurn Lightship. All of which give you an insight into the city and show you the wonderful things that the city has to offer and is both accessible and affordable to everyone who wishes to see them, although we do recommend caution for those going on the boat, as it is a lot higher than it looks!

For those that have an interest in film or for those that enjoy seeing some of the most recent films that are coming out, Hull has you covered. With a number of cinemas such as the tiered seating facilities of Cineworld, the inviting smell and atmosphere of the Odeon or even the idea of the unexpected at Vue Cinemas, once again all of which are available are available at an affordable price.

There are plenty of famous people that have come from Hull too, including; Mick Ronson, Maureen Lipman, Dean Windass and Trevor Bolder.


Hull also has a particularly vibrant nightlife which keeps people entertained, with everything from nightclubs to pubs, to bars to grills; you name it, Hull has it. We’ve compiled a list of three such places that we recommend for you if you’re looking for a good night out with your friends and meeting some new people too.

Although technically considered a bar, our first option also doubles as a rave as well, and it goes by the name of The Welly Club. This place has everything you need if you’re looking for a good night out with everything from live music all the way through to DJ sets, and on some nights it’s even been known to calm down as a proper bar!

Valbon Nightclub is next up on our list. The venue serves as an official after party for Hull’s annual Hull Trinity Festival (See below), but this place boasts many positive reviews from people saying that the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is as enticing as the drinks that they serve, we recommend checking this one out!

Our final place is Spiders Nightclub, which is a sort of retro-type bar with glam rock and rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s being blared out. Whether you like The Smiths or The Sisters of Mercy, you’re bound to find something here that has you interested and believe us when we say that there aren’t many places like this one.


Hull has many different things for people to do, we recommend checking out some of the handful of festivals that the city has to offer like the aforementioned Hull Trinity Festival, which runs annually and offers a broad range of popular music. We also recommend that you check out Hull’s Freedom Festival too.


Hull has a very efficient transportation system with everything from bus services all the way through to train services. Hull does not, however, have its own airport, as the nearest one is in Lincolnshire (Humberside Airport) which is based roughly twenty miles away from the city centre, whereas those looking for intercontinental flights will have to go to Leeds Bradford Airport, some seventy miles away.


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