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Boasting a rough population of 45,952 according to the most recent figures, Lancaster sits on the River Lune and is one of the jewels of North West, decked in history and culture and rich in it tourist attractions and the like. One of the most popular places to study for most students who embrace the city’s nightlife (See below) and the culture (See below).


Lancaster has a rich and decadent history. The museums that litter the city are full to the brim of interesting artefacts and the like commemorating everything in the city’s history. Lancaster’s museums are definitely worth looking into such as the Lancaster City Museum or Lancaster Maritime Museum, all of which are accessible to everyone and affordable.

Maybe you’re looking to take a night out and go and watch a film, to which we recommend going to one of Lancaster’s many cinemas. Vue Cinemas is probably the most well-known cinema within the city; however, there are other cinemas up and down the city including The Dukes, which shows slightly lesser-known films as well as well-known films and latest releases.

There are plenty of people that have come from Lancaster such as: Jon Richardson, Joe Abercrombie, Cherith Baldry and James Beattie.


Lancaster’s nightlife has long been one of the attractions of the city itself, with everything from normal pubs and bars all the way through to raves and restaurants, Lancaster is able to cater (If you’ll pardon the pun) to your every need. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think you should be visiting during your time in Lancaster.

First up, we have The White Cross Pub a charming pub located on Quarry Road. The pub has just had a facelift too sits looking better than ever, and the food is simply to die for, we thoroughly recommend that you pop in on your travels.

Next up, we have The Lancaster Comedy Club, which is the place to go if you’re looking for a laugh. Some of the very best appear here, and some of the comedians from this illustrious comedy club have appeared on such shows as Mock the Week, which means you’re in a well-respected and funny company here.

Thirdly, we recommend The Holly Bar, which comes very highly recommended owing to it’s incredibly enticing food and aromas, all of which will have you craving more and more. The bar and grill have been a fixture of Lancaster for some time, and if it carries on as it is, it’s difficult to see it leaving any time soon either.


Lancaster has a number of different things that you can do in the city, including music festivals. If you like your live music and fancy enjoying some festival experience then we recommend the Lancaster Music Festival, which features a wide variety of musical acts with everything from indie and hipster all the way to the current mainstream, you’ll be in good company here for sure!


Lancaster’s transportation systems have been running efficiently for some time with bus routes, and train routes covered well as well as a cycle route for those looking to keep their carbon footprint down. However, if you’re looking to go abroad then the nearest airports are in Manchester, Blackpool and Liverpool, all of which fly to almost anywhere in the world.


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