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Our London Guide covers the whole of London, but we have also created detailed student guides for the following:
North London
East London
South London
West London


The capital of England and the most densely populated area in the whole of the United Kingdom. Sitting on the River Thames in England’s South East, London boasts a population figure of roughly 13,878,757 according to the very most recent figures. Given the size of London, we’ve split certain areas into the various sectors which are: South London, North London, West London and East London.


London has a rich and diverse history and also has a huge population diversity too, it holds the distinction of being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world! The city has a number of museums that commemorate the city’s history, all of which are accessible to the public and a number of cinemas in which to watch the latest and greatest in film right now. We’ve divided London into the various sections to help you out below.

There are a number of famous people from London too, including: Daniel Day-Lewis, David Beckham, David Bowie, Queen Victoria, Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Cooke and Kate Bush.


The nightlife of the city that you’re studying in is incredibly important, especially when going to university. Many students want to check out the best places to go to when going out. We’ve got you covered! We’ve picked the three best places in the city for the respective areas, whether you’re in North London, East London, South London or West London we have got you covered!


There are a number of activities that London runs in order to unite people and to see what makes London so unique and so amazing! We recommend going to the Notting Hill Carnival and experiencing the weird and wonderful things that pass through, if ever there was a reason that London is the cultural epicentre of the world, this is the reason here!


London’s transport has long been one of the most advanced in the world, with dedicated cycle paths, train stations, an underground unrivalled anywhere and a bus station every two minutes you’re well covered here! There is also an airport or two if you’re looking to take a mini-break abroad such as: London City Airport or Heathrow Airport.

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