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Located on the River Usk, Newport is Wales’ third largest city and also one of the most densely populated, with an estimated population of 145,700 according to the most recent figures. It is also a university city, which means it’s more catered for students


Newport is one of the oldest cities in the history of Wales, gaining its first charter in 1314. The city celebrates their history at the Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The museum is open from 09:30 am until 17:00 pm and is readily available for all members of the public and has some incredibly good reviews from visitors.

If you’re looking for some of the latest and greatest from Hollywood, don’t worry Newport has you covered! The city has its own Cineworld, which as tiered seating and means you’ve got optimal comfort for when you’re watching your films. However, if you’re looking for more independent features, then we recommend joining one of the city’s many film societies.

There are plenty of famous people from Newport which include: David Langford, Joyce Bland, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, Joe Strummer and John Frost.


Part of being at university is the nightlife that comes with the city that you’re studying in. Newport has a vast array of places for you to go to. Whether you want a night out at the club with live DJ sets or just a chilled out night in the pub with your friends, Newport has got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think could be right up your alley!

First up we have, The Ruperra Arms, Bassaleg, which is a local pub and offers some of the most sumptuous food that you’ll ever see and the most enticing atmosphere that you could ask for, all of this adds up to a great night out.

Secondly, we have Warehouse 54, which is one of the best nightclubs in Newport and features a broad range of live music and DJ sets every day. They run a Battle of the Bands as well which will keep you coming back again and again, just make sure you’re there for the sports action that they show too, nothing quite beats the atmosphere!

Third and final we have The Loft Club, which is located on Market Street and has an enormous diversity of the people that visit. The club offers live DJ sets that are unrivalled in Newport and have you begging for more. A great night out and the drinks are something that has to taste and tested be experienced properly!


Newport has a number of festivals that it runs too with everything from the Newport Folk Festival which features some of the best on the folk scene right now. The Newport Music Festival is a little more mainstream and features some big chart-topping acts on their roster; both festivals do sell out relatively quickly, so you better book your tickets as soon as possible!


Newport has a very efficient transportation system which has everything from a train station to a bus system which runs every hour. For those that are worried about the environment, there are dedicated cycle paths too. The closest airport is located in Cardiff in the form of  Cardiff Airport, which is roughly thirty miles away from the city centre.

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