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Norwich is one of the most popular university cities in the UK. Sitting on the River Wensum, the city has long been one of the favoured places for students to visit whether it be for the city’s incredibly immersive nightlife (See below) or the charming nature of the city itself. 213,166 is the reported population figure of Norwich making it one of the biggest cities in the country.


Norwich’s history is well celebrated by the locals and something that the city takes very seriously. The full extent of the history is commemorated and immortalised in the city’s museums, all of which are accessible and affordable for everyone. Norwich Castle, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, City of Norwich Aviation Museum and Strumpshaw Hall Steam Museum are some of the best museums in the city.

Norwich is one of the best places in the UK to watch the very best and the most recent films from Hollywood. It’s home to its own IMAX Cinema (Truly the best way to watch the very latest in film offerings), Vue Cinemas and Cinema City, which takes up residence in an old 16th century building If you’re looking for more independent films however, we recommend that you look into one of the city’s many film societies.

There are plenty of famous people from the city of Norwich including; Stephen Fry, John Crome, Ed Balls, Ed Sheeran, Delia Smith, Olivia Colman, Charles Clarke and Stuart Ashen.


The nightlife of Norwich has long been one of the attractions for people studying in the city, whether it be a night out with live music, a DJ set or a chilled out night in a pub with your friends or even just a nice restaurant to relax for the evening. Norwich has most certainly got you covered. We’ve created a short list of three places that we think will be right up your alley!

First up we have Mercy Nightclub, which has an enormous amount of great reviews from the locals and students. A nightclub that exists purely to cater to your every need. Whether that be to listen to the best in new music or to just have a great night out with your friends, there’s always something here for you, and you’ll always be coming back.

Secondly, we have, Mantra Club & LoungeThe place that you’ll want to be heading to in your first week, as it runs a Fresher’s Fest(ival) and allows you to meet up with people new to the city like yourself. The club comes with a very high reputation, and we cannot recommend it enough.

And thirdly we have, Be at One, which is a bit of a change of pace from the other suggestions but is a fantastic night out, no matter what you’re looking for the bar can certainly offer it, it has everything you can need and more. The bar is always available for any Christmas dinners that you might want to have as well.


Norwich has plenty of different activities that are offered annually. Festivals are one of the many things that have been provided by the city like the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, which celebrates everything from dance to comedy to music to just about everything else that you can imagine. We recommend looking into the festival because it can sell out pretty quickly!


The transportation routes in the city run as efficiently as you’d like them to, with bus routes and train routes that run all the time. Cycle routes are also available as well for those that are looking to keep the environment as clean as possible. Norwich Airport is the closest airport for you if you’re looking to take a mini-break and takes you to most major destinations.


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