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Oxford Student Guide

Posted at: 9:09 am,  09/09/2016


Located fifty seven miles from London, sixty nine miles from Bristol and sixty five miles from both Southampton and Birmingham is the city of Oxford. One of the most popular university cities in the UK, Oxford boasts a population of 159,994 according to the most recent figures. The city is also home to two universities as well (See below).


Founded in the eighth century, the city has a rich and decadent history. The city immortalises the history and culture of the city in the various museums such as the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum and the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments all of which are affordable and accessible to members of the public.

If you’re looking for some of the latest and greatest in cinema right now then Oxford has got you covered with a number of cinemas such as the two Odeons that offer some of the best that Hollywood has to offer and Vue Cinemas which also has some of the very best to offer too, although with the added benefit of tiered seating.

There are many famous people from Oxford too including; J.R.R. Tolkien, Emma Watson, Hugh Grant, Kate Beckinsale, CS Lewis & Terry Jones.


Part of the attraction of university is being able to go out and experience the nightlife of the city and Oxford has certainly got you covered there! We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think will be perfect for you, no matter what you’re looking for we have the best places for you.

The first place that we have for you is The Bridge, which is the perfect nightclub for you and it recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. One of the best things about this nightclub is the DJ sets and the wonderful cocktails that they have to offer too!

Next up we have one of the coolest bars that you’re likely to find in Oxford, The Duke of Cambridge. A trendy night full of cosmopolitan cocktails and the best that you can find in gin and various other drinks. Truly the coolest night out that you’ll find in Oxford and we cannot recommend it enough.

Finally, we have Raoul’s Bar, which has some of the best food and the widest variety of drinks that you’ll see in Oxford. An enticing atmosphere and a welcoming manner from everyone including the regulars will have you coming back again and again; we cannot recommend it highly enough.


Oxford has a wide variety of different festivals and the like that are run all the time and have everything from live music through to general community events so that you can meet new people. One event that we recommend is the Wilderness Festival, which offers some of the very best in live music at the moment.


Oxford has a wide range of services that are offered including bus services which are run hourly and train services which are offered too. The closest airport is London Oxford Airport which flies to a number of destinations, which is particularly useful if you’re looking for mini-break during the year!


Thirst Bar

Thirst Bar is a great place during the day and night for students. They go the extra mile to cater for students, with student menus, drink deals and student nights! The cocktails are extremely popular and with happy hour deals every day, make sure you get there between 8-10pm!

New Theatre

The New Theatre hosts a range of shows and performances; musical theatres, comedy stand-up, music gigs and more! Group bookings will receive a discount so gather up your friends!

Bikes Cycle Hire & Tours

There are a vast amount of bike hires and tours scattered in Oxford. It's the best way to see the whole city, they actually have student based tours, which will explore and explain the student must do's in Oxford.