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Peterborough is a cathedral city in the East of England and one of the most popular university cities as well. With a rough population of 183,361 according to the most recent figures, Peterborough remains one of the most populated places in the whole of Cambridgeshire and one of the most populated too.


Peterborough has a rich and diverse history that has been commemorated in many of the city’s museums. The museums are all accessible to members of the public and affordable too. The main one that we recommend if you’re looking for a look into the culture and history of Peterborough then we recommend Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery, which is located in Priestgate.

Peterborough has a number of cinemas too which showcase the very latest and greatest in Hollywood films and the stars of the silver screen. One of the best cinemas that you can go to is Showcase Peterborough which has everything you need there. However, if you’re looking for more independent releases, then we recommend going to one of the city’s many film societies.

There are numerous famous people that have come from Peterborough too including; George Alcock, Claudia Katz Minnick, Oscar Jacques, Aston Merrygold, Andy Bell and David Bentley.


Peterborough is renowned for its party atmosphere as much as it’s academic and educational pursuits. The city has everything that you need, whether you’re looking for nightclubs, restaurants or pubs, Peterborough has got you covered, and we’ve got three places that will think will be right up your street!

First up we have, Halo (And no we don’t mean the hugely popular video game). If you happen to see people handing out fliers in the city centre for the club, it’s worth picking up as it will knock your entry down to £2. A great nightclub and an excellent way to experience the best atmospheres in Peterborough. Also, a Hip-Hop on a Friday is very popular.

Another great nightclub is Edwards, which offers everything you need from a nightclub and we thoroughly recommend that you check out their cocktails, mainly their Garden Smash which is certainly something that has to be experienced before you can believe that such a thing even exists.

Next up we have a bar called The Met Lounge, which offers the very best in live music with old classics all the way through to current chart-toppers. The Met is certainly a great place if you and your friends are looking to enjoy a night out with drinks and music and a friendly atmosphere.


Peterborough has many things that you can do when you’re not busy studying. A number of festivals are run, chiefly among them is the Green Meadows Festival, which takes place over three days and features a variety of performances from live acts and DJs over multiple stages and areas, throughout the day and well into the night.


Peterborough’s transportation system is as efficient as you’d want it to be, offering bus services and train services too. However, the city of Peterborough does have an airport, but the airport is a business airport, so if you’re looking for an airport for your mini-break then you’ll have to look elsewhere.


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