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One of the biggest cities in the district of Lancashire, with a reported population of around  123,000, we have the city of Preston. One of the most popular destinations in which to study given its varied nightlife and it’s rich and colourful history too (See below).


Preston has long since been an area that has been of extreme historical interest. The city itself was considered by many to be at the very epicentre of the Industrial Revolution. The city commemorates the history in some of their many museums, which are all affordable and accessible to members of the public, museums like the Harris Museum, the Museum of Lancashire and the National Football Museum.

There are plenty of cinemas in Preston too, for those of you looking to celebrate the latest and greatest from Hollywood right now, whether it be the going for the enticing atmosphere at the city’s Odeon or just kicking it back in the tiered seating of Vue Cinemas, all of the cinemas are affordable. However, if you’re looking for more independent releases, then we recommend that you check out one of the city’s many film societies.

There are numerous famous people from Preston too, including; Clark Carlisle, Anulka Dziubinska, Joseph Delaney, Holly Bleasdale, Mark Lawrenson and Phil Jones.


University isn’t only about studying. It’s also all about the fun too! One of the main attractions of Preston (As we said above) is the nightlife of the city. Preston’s varied nightlife will have you coming back again and again, and we’ve compiled a list of three places that we think could just tickle your fancy!

First up, we have Evoque Nightclub, one of the premier nightclubs in the whole of Preston. The club has it’s fair share of live music and DJ sets but also has a fair amount of VIP events too with some of the best people you can imagine. You’ll be coming back to Evoque more times than you think, trust us on that one.

Second up, we have Baluga Bar & Club, which is (As the name suggests) a mixture of a bar, for those looking to soak up a good atmosphere and drink and a club, which is more for the people looking to take a night off of studying and enjoy the live music and DJ sets that the club offers. We thoroughly recommend Baluga!

And lastly, we have Cameo & Vinyl. Are themed nights, exceptionally cheap drinks and a great atmosphere your thing? Well if so, then this is the place for you! A fantastic night out with some of the best things to do in any nightclub in Lancashire, we recommend you stop by and enjoy yourself as the club intends!


Apart from the football team’s home matches, there is an awful lot to do in Preston. The city runs a number of festivals, chiefly among them is the festival known as Rockprest, which has the added benefit of being free to enter. While some of the acts may be tributes, you’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane and see some of the latest and greatest in music right now.


The transportation of Preston is incredibly efficient and has long since been one of the best things about the city. However, those of you looking for a mini-break will have to travel to Blackpool, as the nearest airport is Blackpool International Airport and is located sixteen miles west of the city centre.


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