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One of England’s many cathedral cities and the only city in the county of Wiltshire is the city of Salisbury. The history of the city dates back sometime and has long been one of the great cities in the UK to visit. A place of not only historical interest, but the nightlife is also something to remember about the city too (See below).


The city of Salisbury is one of the most historically significant cities in the UK today, and given the rich and decadent history that it has, it’s difficult to argue why. The city has a handful of museums that all commemorate the city’s history such as The Salisbury Museum, which is accessible and affordable to all members of the public.

There are plenty of cinemas in the city too. If you’re looking to catch up on the latest and greatest in film right now, then we recommend heading over to the local Odeon and enjoying the cinema experience as was intended. The city itself has some film societies too, which is particularly useful if you’re looking for some of the more independent releases.

There are numerous famous people that were born in Salisbury including; David Mitchell, James Bush, Sarah Linda, Tom Holland and Nicholas Mann.


The nightlife of Salisbury is perhaps not one of the most renowned cities in the UK, but it is certainly one of the most lively. Everything that you could need is right on your doorstep! No matter what you’re looking for Salisbury has got you covered and here are our top three places to check out!

First up, we have The Chapel. The nightclub that everyone in Salisbury is talking about, with great live music and DJ sets that set the place alight! Wonderful music and drinks and an atmosphere to die for, the club itself is everything that you’re looking for if you want to be letting your hair down!

Second up we have, The Village Freehouse. A pub that Salisbury has long since held in high-regard, the pub is particularly well lit and has the range of alcohol that you want when you’re going to a pub of this size. The atmosphere is welcoming, the patrons are as friendly as ever, and nothing is ever too much for the staff.

Thirdly, we have The New Inn, which has long been a place that the locals of Salisbury have frequented. It is worth pointing out that the pub has some of the best reviews that you’re likely to see. The pub will have you coming back time and time again, we can assure you of that.


Salisbury is host to many different events that bring the community together. One of the most prevalent of which is the Ageas Salisbury International Film Festival, which is one of the premier places for a person to go and experience some of the best that the city has to offer and experience new cultures too!


The transportation systems within Salisbury is second to none and has an excellent mixture of bus routes, cycle routes and a train station which will take you to most places. However, the closest airport to Salisbury is Southampton International Airport which is twenty-three miles from the centre of Salisbury.


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