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With a reported population of 89,850 according to the very most recent figures, we have the city of Stirling. The city is located near the Highland Boundary Fault; which is between the Scottish Lowlands and the Highlands and is twinned with Vyborg in Russia and Villeneuve-d’Ascq in France. 


The city of Stirling has been a huge historically relevant city in Scotland for some time. Dating way back to the medieval period where it was not just considered a fortress but a medieval town too. It was one of the principal royal strongholds of the Kingdom of Scotland and was created as a  Royal burgh by King David I in 1130 until 1975. The city has a number of museums to commemorate the history too in either Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum or the Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum.

There seems to only be one Cinema in the city too, which is a Vue Cinemas and has some of the best reviews that we’ve seen. Tiered seating and VIP seats have people coming back all the time. However, if you’re looking for more independent features; then we recommend that you look into tone of the city’s many film societies.

There are a number of notable people from the city too including; Kathryn White, Margaret Anne Marshall, John Burns, Henry Curran, Alexander Beattie and Grant Gilchrist.


The nightlife of Stirling is something that has to be seen to be believed. A number of different places including bars, nightclubs, restaurants, pubs or anything else that you can imagine, Stirling has got you covered. And so have we! We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think will be perfect for you.

First up, we have the Fubar Club, which has some of the best music that you’ve heard in Scotland. Live sets or DJ sets it’s all here, and you’ll love it! And for the bone idol among us, you can also get your tickets delivered straight to your doorstep too and £2 entry on certain nights too!

Secondly, we have Dusk; which has some of the best incentives ever to be offered by a club. Whether it be live DJ sets that are offered, the best alcohol that you can find or the chance to win a year’s supply of Nando’s, it’s all here! We recommend that you come and give this place a chance, you will certainly regret it if you don’t!

And finally, we have the Curly Coo Bar, which just celebrated winning the coveted “Whiskey Bar of the Year Award” and it’s difficult to argue with such an award. The atmosphere is enticing, the whisky is amazing, and the place is always packed, go and check it out, and you’ll be going back again and again, we promise.


The city has a number of activities that bring the community together, chiefly among them is The Shindig Festival, which runs annually and is considered to be “The Best Wee Party in Scotland” and certainly lives up to its name, with live music and alcohol galore! You’ll want to be grabbing tickets as soon as possible.


The transport is very efficient in Stirling. Running everything from bus routes, all the way through train stations as well. The city also has it’s own cycle paths too. If you’re looking to take a mini-break, unfortunately, the closest airport is Edinburgh Airport which is located forty kilometres to the South East of the city.

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