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Here we have the historic walled city of York, which sits at the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire. One of the most densely populated cities in the UK, the city boasts a population of roughly 202,400 according to the very most recent figures.


The city of York has a rich and varied history and has long been one of the most interesting things about the city, with the city themselves commemorating the history in various museums such as: York Castle Museum, York Art Gallery, Yorkshire Museum and the National Railway Museum, all of which are affordable and accessible to all members of the public.

There are an awful lot of cinemas in the city as well for you to see the most recent releases, everything from Vue Cinemas, the City Screen Picturehouse to Reel Cinema. However, if you’re looking for more independent releases, then we recommend you join one of the city’s many film societies.

There are a handful of famous people from York too, including; Mark Addy, David Bradley, Judi Dench, Keith Drinkel, Dustin Gee, Frankie Howerd, Ian Kelsey


There are a number of pubs and nightclubs in the city of York that will appeal to everyone, and we’ve compiled a list of three that we think will be perfect for you. No matter what you’re looking for, York has most certainly got you covered.

First up we have The Blue Bell, a pub that has a great atmosphere, some of the best beer you’ll ever taste and a great sense of humour from the friendly staff, it’s clear to see that the owners are very proud of their Yorkshire roots and praise them to high heaven! We cannot recommend the pub enough.

Secondly we have Popworld, which has appeared on a number of our city guides, and is one of the most popular chain of nightclubs in the UK, offering everything you need from live music, to great drinks (Try their own cocktails (poptails)) and make your way over to the app store and download their app too which will keep you up-to-date with all things Popworld.

And finally, we have Flares, which is one of the best-themed nightclubs in York. This offers you the chance not only to enjoy the atmosphere in that week’s theme but also enjoy the music, the dancefloor, the drinks and also the alcohol that they serve too!


York has many activities that are run in the city. These all bring members of the community together, and one of the best examples of this is York Fringe Festival, which runs annually and has a number of great people performing and is one of the best ten days you can have in York.


The transport in York is very efficient and has long been one of the main draws of the city, with a fantastic bus service, train station and cycle paths. However, those looking to take a mini-break abroad will have to travel to Leeds Bradford Airport to go anywhere abroad.

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