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What to Expect on A-Levels Results Day

What to Expect on A-Levels Results Day

What to Expect on A-Levels Results Day

You have worked hard for two years and spent a summer worrying about the outcome. The nail-biting wait is over and there are several different outcomes that could occur from your results and what to expect on A-Levels Results Day.

You’ve met your firm offer

Congratulations; you’ve passed! This means that all that revision paid off, so much so, you’ve been offered a place. You have met the requirements with your results so pat yourself on the back.

You’ve just missed out!

You didn’t achieve your predicted grades. That’s okay. There are a few things you can do. Firstly, check the status of the University offers on UCAS Track. Your first choice may change their offer and you can accept or decline this, if they haven’t, check to see if you have received other offers.

You’ve met your insurance offer

Your backup choice accepted you. This may be depending on the conditions you had to pass for your first choice(s), e.g. AAB in Chemistry or 160 Tariff points in two A-Levels. Now you can check the updated information on Track and can move onto the next step.

You’ve received Lower grades than expected?

Your grades were much lower than predicted. Now there is no need to panic. You may receive an offer from one of your choices. If your university hasn’t made a decision, you can always contact them to speak to them about your application. You can also have a second chance by going through Clearing.

Are your grades higher than expected on A-Levels Results Day?

Your grades were higher than predicted. Check you out! Now you have the advantage of going with your first choice or choosing a different course with your new grades. You can do this via the UCAS adjustment process.

There is always another option. If you didn’t get the results you wanted or are not 100% certain this is the path you want to go down. You don’t have to go. There is the option to defer your place for the next year or withdraw your application altogether. There are lots of opportunities for that year you take out, by getting a job, getting work experience or retake your exams to achieve higher grades.

Now the results are in and you have decided what to do, the next steps are choosing your accommodation, apply for student finance and getting prepared for the first leap into University, Freshers.


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