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Total 38 Questions · Est 6 mins

Q1: Do you prefer Maths and Science to Creative and Humanities subjects?

Q2: Does a career that helps others matter a lot to you?

Q3: Do you have an interest in working in the healthcare sector?

Q4: I’d be happy to have a career that helps kids

Q5: Do you prefer practical subjects over those that are more theoretical?

Q6: Do you enjoy building systems that solve technical problems?

Q7: I’d love to work in a newer, more evolving area of study

Q8: I enjoy working to solve long formulas

Q9: Do you enjoy learning more about the past than the present?

Q10: Writing essays is something I’m pretty good at

Q11: I like studying subjects that rely more on facts than fiction

Q12: I’d like a career that can have a direct impact on society

Q13: I have a passion for the arts

Q14: I’d love to focus my studies on a specific area

Q15: Analysing texts and understanding language interests me

Q16: Fashion is an industry I’d love to work in

Q17: I’d like to cover a degree that offers a broad range of topics

Q18: I’d like to understand how people think more than how society works

Q19: I love a subject that brings about healthy debates

Q20: I’d be happy to have a career that requires extra qualifications after undergraduate

Q21: Teaching is something that has interested me

Q22: I enjoy working with my hands to create something

Q23: The study of people and other cultures is super interesting to me

Q24: I’d like a career that gives me the independence to make important decisions myself

Q25: My friends would say I am a caring person

Q26: Money is a key driver for me deciding on the degree I want

Q27: I’d like to study a subject that is more reliant on scientific principles than behavioural

Q28: The fundamental questions of existence and ethics fascinate me

Q29: I feel I have the skills to become an actor or singer

Q30: In science, I’d rather be the one doing the experiment vs interpreting the results

Q31: I’d love to study more about the universe

Q32: I find the study of living organisms super interesting

Q33: I have a keen interest in chemistry and using this in my career

Q34: Understanding why humans act and live the way they do interests me

Q35: I have a keen interest in sports

Q36: I’d be happy to work in a public sector job

Q37: I’d like my degree to cover a wide array of topics that I can later specialise in

Q38: I love subjects where much is still to be discovered

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