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Quick Quiz

Total 13 Questions · Est 3 mins

Q1: Do you prefer Maths and Science to Creative and Humanities subjects?

Q2: Does a career that helps others matter a lot to you?

Q3: Do you have an interest in working in the healthcare sector?

Q4: I’d be happy to have a career that helps kids

Q5: Do you prefer practical subjects over those that are more theoretical?

Q6: Do you enjoy building systems that solve technical problems?

Q7: I’d love to work in a newer, more evolving area of study

Q8: I enjoy working to solve long formulas

Q9: Do you enjoy learning more about the past than the present?

Q10: Writing essays is something I’m pretty good at

Q11: I like studying subjects that rely more on facts than fiction

Q12: I’d like a career that can have a direct impact on society

Q13: I have a passion for the arts

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