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Exam Revision Tips

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The dreaded exam period can send even the most prepared students into panic mode. To help you through this tough time we’ve put together a list of our top tips for coping with exam related stress.

Treat your body right

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and having a substantial breakfast is the best medicine for your body and mind. Your brain needs fuel to revise and to take in the information you are studying, junk food and takeaways may seem like the easiest option but these are best avoided where possible.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good sleep, it will give your body the rest it needs and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Exercising is also an extremely important factor as it releases endorphins to help de-stress and clear the mind. Your body is designed to move so schedule regular exercise into your revision timetable.

Plan ahead

It may seem obvious, but planning ahead and creating a timetable will make exam revision a more manageable task. Scheduling a revision timetable around your actual exam timetable will make the whole process smoother, no longer will you need to worry about what to study and when!

Give yourself a break

Revising and studying will only be successful when you are realistic with how much you can take in, you can’t work for 22 hours a day and expect to remember everything you studied! Remember to plan regular breaks so your brain can relax and get ready to take in more information. You can only do your best, and its all anyone will ask of you, don’t push yourself too hard.


Don’t get too worked up about revision or panic over what will come up in the exam tomorrow. Your mind cannot relax and concentrate on what it needs to learn if you won’t let it! After a hard day of revising, relax for a few hours in the evening to let your mind and body recuperate.

Forget the past

Once you have finished your exam, try to stay clear from ‘exam talk’. This is where your friends and classmates will talk and over-analyse the test you just did. No good will come from obsessing over the multiple question section or the essay you wrote for question 9! The discussion can make you second-guess yourself and doubt your own ability, if you put in the hard work you will have nothing to worry about.

It’s OK to reward yourself

During a heavy day of studying remember to add in treats to keep you going. It could be a chocolate bar, an episode of your favourite programme, reading a book, or even a power-nap! If you let yourself have these tiny rewards then an entire day of studying won’t seem such a challenge to get through.

Exams are a tough time, the timetable may be scheduled in such a way that you have two or three exams in a single day, making it difficult to organise your time effectively. As long as you plan ahead and set time aside for each of your weaknesses and strengths, we assure you you will pass with flying colours!