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FAQ: If I don’t get the grades I want, do I still need to go through Clearing?

If I don’t get the grades I want, do I still need to go through Clearing?

There are plenty of alternatives, obviously, if you want to go to university this year and didn’t get into your first or second choice, then you will need to go through Clearing, but if you’re okay with starting a year late or so, you can easily just wait a year and retake your exams so that you can get your grades up to the standard that the university are looking for. There are a lot of students are always looking into retaking exams during a gap year and plenty of students worry about this tactic, because it means that they will be a year behind, but that is not necessarily the case, you can get yourself some gainful employment, you can learn more about yourself and you can even look into the possibilities of studying abroad.

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