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FAQ: What is it like, going to university with Tourette Syndrome?

What is it like, going to university with Tourette Syndrome?

First of all, as with all disabilities, we recommend that you make the university aware of this, as this may impact your university experience otherwise.

If any of your tics are likely to disturb others around you, it is a good idea, to inform your course-tutor, prior to attending university and informing them of what typically triggers such tics. The same with your housemates too. Your university may be able to provide you with some help in your lectures and possibly help you with other areas of your accommodation as well.

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For a detailed guide on tourette syndrome at university, check out this useful guide: https://www.tourettes-action.org.uk/storage/downloads/1410795221_Factsheet—going-to-university.pdf

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