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FAQ: Why do I need to go through Clearing?

Why do I need to go through Clearing?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to go through Clearing. Not all of them are bad, some of them may be genuine reasons why you need to use a Clearing platform to help you out. That being said, the most common reasons for going through Clearing, are generally these:

Your UCAS Application was not received before 30th June. If you’ve sent your application after this date, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the universities in question definitely won’t have received.

You didn’t get the grades that your university asked you to get.

You’ve changed your mind. This is a common one, many people decide to not do a certain degree, in lieu of another one. For instance, maybe you don’t want to do a Journalism degree and you’d like to look into the possibility of an Economics degree or something.

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