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FAQ: What qualifications do I need to become a Mature Student?

What qualifications do I need to become a Mature Student?

This is all dependent on the university that you’re applying to. If you are a student of around twenty-one, then you can just apply with your usual qualifications and grades, if you’re an older student, there may be a possibility that your university may not accept your grades or qualifications anymore, so they may ask you to take an Open University course, or ask you to an Access Course of some kind; this will allow them to assess you and your abilities and see if you will fit into the university’s way of life and ethics. You can also use an APL, which is an Accreditation of Prior Learning, which allows universities to see the work that you have done previously, whether that be through work experience you have done or any private and self-taught work that you’ve done, however not all universities will accept one or all of these applications, so you will need to speak to the university in question to help you when you’re applying to university.

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