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What is a Student NUS Card?

FAQs / What is a Student NUS Card?

A Student NUS Card is a card that allows you to take advantage of student discounts. A Student NUS Card costs £12 and will allow you to save money as a student on everything from food to cinema trips. An NUS Card can actually help you with travel too! Although students can still claim a student travel grant, even with their NUS Card, some students still need to apply for various travel incentives, such as the 16-25 Railcard, which allows students to save 30% off of travel. With an NUS Card, you can save 11% off of the cost of the Railcard.

For more on Student Unions in the UK, check out our useful guide, here: https://universitycompare.com/university-advice/student-union-everything-need-know/

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