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15 Fancy dress ideas that you will do at university

15 Fancy dress ideas that you will do at university

15 Fancy dress ideas that you will do at university

Laziness and excessive alcohol consumption aside, the thing people seem to associate with undergraduate students is our love for a dressing up costume. 
Over your three years at university you will take part in a number of themed nights, from mimes, cops and robbers to dressing up as the opposite sex, you’ll be surprised there are some do’s and dont’s of fancy dress. These nights are always the best, there are always excellent drink deals and everyone accepts that they all look ridiculous, let’s go and has a good time.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to dress up as during your three years at university, bed sheets at the ready…

Army Night

Black boots, khaki shorts, messy hair and camouflage face paint are all you need for this themed night. Some people go all out and strap bullet belts around themselves and carry around a fake gun, although probably best to leave that one at home if you plan on going to a club later on in the night.



Where’s Wally?

Everyone’s favourite childhood book gets brought to life on these nights. Dress up in a stripy red top, blue jeans, a hat and glasses and enjoy the cheap drinks.


Doctor’s and Nurses

Men go as doctors, women go as nurses, and this is a simple theme in theory until somebody comes dressed as a pig covered in tissues and introduces himself or herself as swine flue…



Opposite Gender

Boys dress like girls and girls dress like boys. Make a deal with a flatmate of the opposite sex to swap clothes for the night to save money on this one, a word of warning, though, undergraduate boys do like to find the smallest dress they can possibly fit into on these nights, you have been warned…


UV Party

A favourite amongst students, there is no dress codes for these nights, just turn up in something you wouldn’t mind getting ruined and prepare to get painted. Paint pens are given out and the UV light put on so the entire dance floor is filled with an abundance of drunken UV colour.

Pyjama Party

A Particular favourite amongst females, this gives you the chance to leave the painful heels at home and don your favourite pair of slippers to the SU bar. The comfiest night out you will have by far.

Farmers & Animals

The Student Union will be full of pigs, sheep, cows, and horses. Websites have some good animal costumes bit these can be quite pricey. Attach a cut up egg box to your nose, paint your face pink and wear a set of ears, your very own makeshift pig costume!

Cops & Robbers

This one is self-explanatory, although we will give a word of warning, drunken friends who have handcuffs may become a problem. You don’t want to find yourself in the midst of a joke by being handcuffed outside for the majority of the night, make sure you bring a spare set of keys if you’re going as a robber!



St Patrick’s day

There is only one option of clothing for this night, green! Wear it from head to toe and get in the spirit by enjoying a pint of Guinness, you can also try your skills at Irish dancing, you’ll look like a fool but that wouldn’t stop a real Irishman/woman!


Mime Night

A personal favourite of University Compare, wear a black and white top, throw on a beret and paint your face white. There is something about seeing a room full of students pretend rope-pulling their way to the bar, or being stuck in a glass box that makes this night one of the best.

Back to School

Possibly the easiest of all fancy dress nights! Grab your old school uniform and head to the SU for a night of old school disco music. Think classics like the Spice girls, ‘Saturday night’ and ‘The Macarena’ (and we know you still know all the dance moves!)

Beach Party 

Although the walk to the SU may be cold in this costume, the night will be anything but! Throw on your beachwear and enjoy an array of hot tubs, half naked students and cocktails in buckets. See you at the beach bar…

Geeks & Nerds

The money savvy student will recycle their back to school costume and will most likely throw on a pair of 3D glasses (with the lenses popped out of course!) for this theme. Two costumes in one, you can’t go wrong!



It doesn’t look easy but making a toga out of a bed sheet is the quickest and cheapest costume of all. YouTube has thousands of tutorials, wear with leaves in your hair and a pair of sandals and enjoy your Greek themed night. Just don’t expect to be able to use your costume as a bed sheet again, students nights get very messy.



Go back to your primal roots by wearing basically, very little! A thin piece of material to cover your modesty and some brown face paint to give the illusion you’ve just stepped out of your cave will do the trick, mess up your hair a little and you’re good to go caveman style.




So now you have your fancy dress ideas in place, have you decided what you will be studying at university if you haven’t already. If you are unsure on which course to study, check out our subject degree guides, to see whats available and what the course will involve. If location of university is a big factor for you then check out our city guides and use our interactive university map, allowing you to get a feel for the different areas and what they have to offer.

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