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5 ways to stay safe during Fresher’s

5 ways to stay safe during Fresher’s

5 ways to stay safe during Fresher’s

The new term is just around the corner, and even though you can’t wait to pack, unpack, and get started with the new chapter in your life, you need to look after yourself and stay safe during Freshers’ Week. There will be lots of students, drinking and nights out so planning ahead will make the first couple of weeks go a lot smoother, it will also help if you look at some freshers guides that are online too.

Put something on the end of it

You may not want to think too much about it, but people bond all sorts of relationships when they start university, and this does include sexual partners. Taking contraception is extremely important, as it doesn’t matter if you trust the person or not, they could still have an STD without them knowing about it. There is also the possibility of pregnancy, which, as you are starting university, we think that it wasn’t a part of your initial plan. Girls and boys should both carry a form of contraception with them, especially condoms, even if the girl is on the pill or injection or something similar, there is still a chance of passing an STD to someone else.

Knowing when to stop

When you are going to be out with your new classmates, the drinking will flow for most of the night, and some can handle their alcohol a lot better than others. You should know your limit and stop there to save you pain, money and humiliation. If you haven’t drunk much in the past, stop as soon as you feel that you are losing control or that you no longer need to drink.

Use Licensed Taxis

If you and your friends are going off campus, then calling up licensed and known cab companies (in the phonebook etc.) or if there is an actual mini cab office nearby, is the safest option to use. Never, when in a drunken state, choose a taxi that is just waiting around or that doesn’t have the license printed on it. Always take a picture of the license plate too, to keep a record of it when you are inside.

Give everyone your mobile number

We know it might seem odd to hand out your number to everyone that you just met, but it isn’t to help you get lucky, it’s to help you keep safe! You should give your number to your housemates/roommates especially, and anyone who is out with you. Let another friend know your plans so that they can check up on you later on.

Never leave your drink alone

You may doubt that anything could happen, especially on a student night, but never leave your drink alone – never. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, or have your friend watch your drink. They could get distracted and avert their eyes for a few minutes whilst you are away. Try and take your drink with you at all times, to be on the safe side.

Don’t go with the flow

It can be a hard learning experience when you attend university, and it might be tempting to go with the flow with your new classmates, but never do anything that you are not 100% comfortable with. The biggest issues you may find are drug-related and money-related; do not take anything off of someone, especially if you don’t know what it is, or if it is an illegal substance, and don’t spend all of your money if you’re new friends are. Remember that money has to survive you for the whole term and you’ll regret that extra three rounds of shots in two weeks time!

Freshers’ is, undoubtedly, going to be one of the best experiences of your university life, and it is going to be full of memories – some which you want to remember, and others, not so much! Even though it will be full of nights out, drinking and socialising, staying safe is the most important thing to do and responsible.  There are various things that you need to be aware of what to avoid in freshers week. When you have planned ahead and take the right precautions to stay safe – the rest of the night will be a blast!

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