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Fresher’s Advice for first year students

Fresher’s Advice for first year students

Fresher’s Advice for first year students

It is vital for students to feel prepared for university, and during the first few weeks of term once they become undergraduates. Higher education is different to previous academic experience and students should feel comfortable in their new surroundings. The best Fresher’s advice for first years focuses on socialising, budgeting and understanding comfort zones.


Budgeting is key in every part of moving out, living alone/with friends and any young individual’s life. Most students who start university haven’t lived away from home, their parents and lifelong friends before and a way to impress others and their new acquaintances is by going out and socialising. Socialising costs money, and in some cases a hefty chunk of that shiny new student loan that you’ve been waiting to receive.

However, to guarantee you continue to have a good time at university students need to be aware that budgeting is the only thing to ensure this happens, otherwise you might find yourself incredibly poor for the majority of three months which can get a lot of people down.


Meeting new people is really important on keeping you happy whilst you study. Feeling homesick is common but also hard to overcome if you’re not getting out there and talking to your new house mates and classmates. It can be daunting to speak to people for the first time and in an unfamiliar setting, but remember that these people are in the same situation you are and probably just as scared.

There will be student nights every week throughout the year and the weekend is never just Saturday and Sunday now that you are a student! You could find yourself going out nearly every day that week or having a 4 day weekend. Socialising is essential to having fun and keeping your stress levels down as you settle down at university, but you do actually have to attend university lectures and complete coursework if you want to pass. You didn’t spend up to £9,000 just to live in a small room right?

Expanding your comfort zone

The hardest thing to understand and accomplish during university, let alone those first few days is expanding your comfort zones. Most students are feeling overwhelmed on moving day and thereafter and may find it easy to hide in their rooms and not turn up to events – but this can make it harder in the long term. If you don’t push yourself to speak to your new house mates, explore the campus and to turn up to Fresher’s events alone (and you’ll probably leave with others anyway!) then the next three to four years will be even harder. You won’t have had the opportunity to meet people, form relationships and begin your new life as a student.

Fresher’s week is an exciting, tough and fast-paced time in an undergraduate’s life, and even though you’re looking forward to moving out, be prepared to feel emotions that you might not expect such as sadness, resentment and anxiety. Bear in mind that there are people to talk to during this overwhelming experience such as university staff, friends, new house mates and family. Don’t hold it all in!


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