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Fresher’s week: Drink. Eat. Rave. Repeat

Fresher’s week: Drink. Eat. Rave. Repeat

Fresher’s week: Drink. Eat. Rave. Repeat

Thousands of first year undergraduates are packing and preparing themselves for Fresher’s week. The weirdest and most wonderful costumes are already packed, the playing cards are handy and the banter is set on high. Here is what Fresher’s week is really like:


There isn’t a better word when explaining what Fresher’s week is like to first-timers. Messy describes the nights out, the week as a whole and the kitchen the morning after. If you are an early bird or missed out on a night in the town you will wake up to beer cans, empty Glenn’s Vodka and a million cans of red bull (well, Tesco’s Blue Spark – you’re not made of money) on the floor. If you did venture out with your new dorm mates you’ll find your room, hair, make-up, aroma and stomach is feeling messy the next day. Remember to buy that Aspirin the night before to take in the morning alongside the pre-made meal you can munch on.

Long nights

There isn’t a bedtime in the dorms during university, and especially throughout Fresher’s week. Students will be roaming the halls at all hours, there will be pranks, and loud music and shouting until the birds begin singing. The dorm bedroom doors are pretty good at keeping some sound out but it might be good to put earphones or earplugs in when you want to go to sleep – if you’re not too drunk to hear it anyway.

The dirty pints

If you are a fan of drinking games and alcohol, then dirty pints will somehow make their way into your system during this week. And unfortunately, we have no way of preparing you for this due to the nature of the dirty pint – we have no idea what will be in it. But please drink responsibly!

If you don’t drink then you can still include yourself into the drinking games but replace the alcohol with a soft drink or a beverage of your choice! Most house mates don’t care if you choose not to drink, they just want to have a good time with you and eventually they’ll be drunk and will care even less if you haven’t got vodka in your coke.

The very common cold

Due to the late nights, drinking, take away food and lack of sleep altogether will completely ruin your immune system and is rare if you survive Fresher’s without feeling ill in some way (see our guide on surviving fresher’s flu). Most students receive a cold during the beginning of term just from burning the candle at both ends and this is normal so don’t feel alarmed or believe you are allergic to student life if you find yourself sneezing! Snuggle up and get lots of rest, take painkillers, drink lots of fluids (we mean water here, not alcohol!) and eat lots of fruit and vegetables to give your body the nutrients to fight the bug quicker!

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