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Sign up time (Societies, the weird and wonderful!)

Sign up time (Societies, the weird and wonderful!)

Sign up time (Societies, the weird and wonderful!)

University is a fantastic and unforgettable experience and there is a lot more to do than just writing coursework and attending lectures.There will always be benefits of joining a university society, from making friends, having fun and taking part in activities you have never participated in before and much more! Universities have hundreds of societies that you can sign up to, most of them are culture or politically based like The Afro-Caribbean and Feminist societies. However, we have found some of the weird and wonderful that will make your experience that little bit extra special.

Assassins Society

At Leeds University they have a society where ‘the aim is to kill your friends safely’. You can kill your fellow students as they walk to their lectures or studying in the Library. Apparently, favourite weapons are attack pigs and a rubber knife to the back. Remember, it is all virtual so there is no need to purchase a bulletproof vest from eBay. If you are skilled assassin more targets will be assigned to you, but if you fail, you will be added to the target list. It is all about style. The society also runs events, with nerf wars, paint-balling and Laser Quest trips. They even have their own t-shirts. Isn’t that alone worth signing up? Have a look at the society here.

Bristol University Hot Air Ballooning Society AKA BUHABS

Are you a fan of balloons, being in the sky or even hot air? Who isn’t?  The University of Bristol hosts this society and it just seems so much fun. You can fly up in the University’s own famous big red hot air balloon and attend events like the Bristol Balloon Fiesta in the summer and others throughout the year. There is a membership fee of £35 for the year, plus £20 per flight; however, this is the cheapest way of saying ‘Hello!’ to the birds up above. They even had a week in Germany and France a couple of summers ago. Maybe take a joint degree in languages? Au Revoir!

Beer and Cider Society at the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has their Beer and Cider Society. It basically does what it says on the tin. You can follow them on www.facebook.com/beersoc and you couldn’t put it better as they did, ‘If you like beer and cider you should join us’.
They have social events and you can probably guess it is a laid back society. Full of Brewery Tours, Pub Lunches and yes, lots of beer and cider this seems a perfect society to sign up to. Remember: please drink responsibly!

Pole Dancing Society at Newcastle University

Newcastle University has this great activity to not only get you fit but in a fun and inventive way! There are classes for a beginner; intermediate and advanced so don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before! There are also burlesque and aerial workshops if you fancy yourself as the next Dita Von Tease, and competitions and showcases but these will need an extra fee.

You’re in a Society, Harry!

Yes, there is a Quidditch and Harry Potter Society at the University of Nottingham. This society is for anyone with an unrivalled passion for Harry Potter and bookworms and film buffs are both welcome! There are weekly Quidditch games every Wednesday and Sunday. They have more inventive events like Potions Class (Cocktail making), Degnoming with the Weasleys (Bowling) and even Wizard Duels (Paintballing/Laser Quest).

WARNING: Invisibility cloaks and Nimbus 2000 are not supplied.

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