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Student Hangover

Student Hangover

Student Hangover

Hangovers. The word dreaded by students everywhere. Do they honestly expect you to get up for your 9 o’clock lecture when you’re suffering from a thumping headache and nausea? Yes they do, unfortunately. So lets look at how to get you through these difficult mornings without compromising your degree (or social life).

Everyone is searching for ‘the perfect hangover cure’ as if it’s some rare, exotic plant that’s found in the farthest corner of the earth, that, when consumed, magically transforms you into a vision of health – there are heaps of hangover remedies! (Even after the £1 a drink night at the SU). You can call off the search party now because it doesn’t exist. To put it bluntly, if you’re going to drink a substantial amount, you’re going to feel like hell the morning after, how to survive freshers is vital, you can’t be missing the biggest nights out of university,

Early lectures aside, the first battle you are going to face in university life is how to keep up with freshers’ week. This is a seven-day straight party, there will be different events every night and you will want to be in top form for all of them. Follow our guide and you will be sure to be the last man, or woman, standing when it comes to the seventh freshers night out. (The last night is always the best).

So, it’s Wednesday morning and you have successfully enjoyed your third night as a student. As you emerge from your drunken pit; dry mouth, nausea, a pounding headache and the shakes are all there ready to welcome you into the new day. The midweek hangover has hit you like a bomb.

The first thing you want to do is get out of bed, open the window and let in some fresh air. There is nothing worse than the stale smell of a room infested by a hangover. Get in the shower and get dressed, yes, you are going outside today!

Going for a walk outside will help to clear your head, knock for your flat-mates and take a walk into town, even if the weather isn’t brilliant, walking in the rain is surprisingly very refreshing when your head is pounding.

Stop off at a shop and buy some bananas if you can stomach it. Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, minerals that are lost when a lot of alcohol is consumed. Eating a banana can help fight nausea, reduce headaches and helps to regain lost potassium. Basically, bananas are your friends. If you aren’t able to eat anything, a lot of students who were asked about their hangover remedies have sworn by full-fat coke. The instant sugar boost a can of coke provides will instantly make you feel more alive.

An unsurprising entry in the list of hangover cures is to drink plenty of water; alcohol dehydrates your body, which is the reason for your headache. Replenishing your body with plenty of fluids will be sure to get you back on track and ready for the next big night out. The most important thing to remember is to keep active and not give into the urge to lie in bed all day, it will only make you feel worse.

When you are feeling a little more human, and can think about the next night out without wanting to curl back into your pit and sleep, look at the freshers’ posters, which will be dotted around campus. There are always quieter nights in the week as well as the big ones; it may be a comedy, hypnotist or quiz night. These are a good excuse to take it easy and give your body a break from the alcohol. Unless you are a vodka-guzzling machine who doesn’t suffer from hangovers, these tips will help you to enjoy the whole of freshers without having to pass on a night out because you’ve overdone it. The last night is always the biggest and best and you’re going to want to be on top form to give freshers week the send off it deserves.

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