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University drinking games

University drinking games

University drinking games

If you’ve ever found yourself putting your gag reflex to the test by trying to drink a pint made up of, well, anything; chances are you have participated in, and tragically lost a game of ring of fire.

Drinking games are a part of university life, being a student gives you free reign to do pretty much what you want. After all, you are not binge drinking, it’s a game and you are not an alcoholic you’re a student. Whether it’s with your friends in your flat before a night out, or an obligatory initiation passage into the rugby team, at some point in your path of higher education you will down a dreaded dirty pint.

Ring of fire, Touch-cup, Never have I ever and Ride the bus are all well-known favourites.

Ring of fire, being the most popular and most lethal, can be played with a large group of people. The basic idea is to set a deck of cards, face down in the shape of a ring with a pint glass in the middle.

Each card is given a different rule, for example, if a person picks up a 4, all the girls on the table have to drink. This seems simple enough until the king cards are picked. (You will soon realise the King card is your worst enemy.) When this happens, the player has to pour some of their drink into the pint glass in the middle of the table. The person to pick up the last King has to drink whatever is in the glass at the end of the game, and there is nothing better than seeing the look of dread on your friends face when this happens.

Drinking games are an excellent icebreaker for new students. Never have I ever involves one person saying something they have never done. For example ‘Never have I ever been to Australia’ (or something less innocent!). If the rest of the players have done that particular thing they have to drink. This is the perfect way to find out things about your classmates they would probably only share after a few drinks.

However much it brings friends together and is a fun way to begin the night; drinking in such large quantities in such a short amount of time can do serious damage. We don’t mean to your liver; we aren’t here to lecture you on alcohol units, (that’s what your parents are for) we mean to your reputation and self-esteem.

Drinking games encourage you to consume large quantities of alcohol your body may not be used to. This results in bad decision making, from unprotected sex to egging a neighbours window and anything in-between.

We aren’t asking you to stay sober, this is the three years of your life it’s considered acceptable to drink mid-week. But think twice (maybe three times depending on how many drinks you’ve had) before you accept a dare or get talked into doing something you will probably regret.

Think back to when you lived at home, did you ever wake up with that feeling of dread thinking, “what did I do last night?” Sound familiar? Well chances are, the people you met out that night didn’t live in the flat next door to you, and you didn’t have to see them in lectures the following day.

The difference with university is, you will see the same people everyday, and the choices you make in your first few weeks will determine how others see you for the next three years.

Do you want to be known as the idiot who got themselves banned from a club for being drunk and disorderly? Or the person who can no longer look anyone in the eye after a few too many one night stands during freshers’ week? You’ve got three years to have fun and be loved by your classmates, don’t panic drink and think you need to make an impression within the first three days, because chances are it will be a bad one.

To try and stay on top form, and ensure you aren’t the liability who is too drunk to even make it into town, eat something before joining in, you’re going to want to line your stomach if you’re going to be playing beer pong. After a heavy downing session, drink some water, not only will this help you to keep going for longer, it will make the hangover slightly more bearable in the morning. Also, it’s a good idea to keep a bucket near when playing for those with weaker stomachs; you will soon find out that carpet stains do not bode well with landlords.

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