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What Fresher’s is really like

What Fresher’s is really like

What Fresher’s is really like

University is an exciting time for many young individuals who have just completed college or sixth form, and although they understand on a basic level what to expect from this academic experience it is hard to gage what Fresher’s is really like.

Social activity

There will be lots of people who you’ll meet in the first few weeks of university, from lecturers, university staff to dorm mates and class mates. The first couple of days of Fresher’s especially can seem really busy, scary and loud, but it is only as you’re getting used to being in a different living environment. There are lots of other students who are in the same situation as you are and feeling similar emotions too. During Fresher’s there will be dorm and house parties and events set up by the university to aid students mix with others and get to know each other. So you might find yourself trying to remember a lot names in the first week or two.

With all of these people around it can seem daunting but the unfamiliar feeling will pass as you become used to introducing yourself and meeting people from all walks of life. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of people or activity you can allocate yourself some ‘me time’ to let the new experiences settle in.

Feeling homesick

It is perfectly normal to feel homesick when you start university, but the one thing that isn’t certain is when this feeling kicks in for each student. Some young people may find themselves melancholy the first night, week or after a month of starting term. If you are not pining for your mum’s home-cooked meals after a few days – don’t worry as you don’t have to feel homesick during Fresher’s either. This is a completely personal experience for each student and how often they feel homesick is entirely a case-by-case basis.

However, if you do find yourself feeling sad or missing people and things from home you can confide in your old and new friends and your family about it. Don’t let the emotions build up inside or you may end up doing something you regret or allowing it to affect your studies and socialising opportunities at university. The institution will also have staff who are friendly, inviting and comforting to help first year students deal with the big move.

To help with feeling with homesick, or even dealing with fresher’s flu, check out our remedies here.

Finances and budgeting

The majority of young people enjoy spending money and having a good time and Fresher’s is perfect for this. Although we all wish for you to enjoy your first few weeks of your degree course it is important to stay on top of your finances – especially during Fresher’s. Fresher’s, whether it is a week or two weeks, can be one of the most expensive times at university as it is the most social. Students find themselves going out, drinking or spending a lot of money nearly every night as they begin to meet people and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Feeling comfortable and socialising is an important factor, but it shouldn’t constrict your bank balance for the next three months either. Give yourself an allowance for each day of Fresher’s (you could even allow yourself a little extra during this time if you expect to go out frequently) and try to stick to it.

However budgeting is not easy for any individual let alone a young adult moving out or away from home for the first time! If you do find yourself going over your budget try to restrict yourself for the next day(s) or you may end up living on Tesco Value beans for three months and that is truly tragic.

The Fresher’s experience will definitely be something to remember for years to come and will affect how you see university for the next three to four years. If you set yourself a budget, alone time and try to meet as much people as you can then settling into Fresher’s will be as easy as pie.

To find out more about budgeting tips, (trust us that you will need them) click here.


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