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Your Five New Best Friends

Your Five New Best Friends

Your Five New Best Friends

Fresher’s Week has arrived and after you have spent all that time unpacking (maybe you just threw all your belongings in the wardrobe and closed the door, or even are planning to live out of your suitcases) it is now time to socialise! It’s important to make some good friends as you’ll be spending the next few years with these people, there is advice on how to make friends during freshers.Do you see yourself as a social animal? Even if you are the person that everyone waits for the party to start the next five people will make an appearance on your social radar, and in most cases will be in your friend circle.

The Shape Shifter
This is the person who on the first day, wears basic clothing and seems nice. They are not memorable or over exciting but nice. Yeah, nice. However as the terms seem to roll on the past, their personality and style do too. They change with the times; they are known as the ‘trend follower’. You will probably walk past them on the way to a lecture and not realise that you know them. Although at first thought it may seem undesirable to have a friend that seems to have their interests on shuffle, they are handy. They will always know what is going on, who’s done what, what she said to her and what block the party is in Halls.

University Mum/Big Brother.
It is always really helpful if there is someone in your social group who is the most responsible. Most of the time you see them as a drag, they actually stay in when they say they will and never seem to have spent all their money half way through the term. When you get to your university dorm, one of the first things you will do is find a hiding place for Mr. Snuggles, your panda teddy bear that apparently you couldn’t part with when you were four years old (times change, eh?). However, your responsible friend has been aching to get to be a grown up, finally out of sixth form or college and get on with their life – you can bet that they’ll be on stage 1 of their 5-year plan! Now, before you ditch them all the time for your more ‘fun’ friends, remember, your University Mum or an equivalent to Big Brother will be the one who walks you home after you’ve had too much to drink at the SU, or holds your hair whilst you are being sick the third time that night.

Trending On Twitter
This is the person who everyone likes. They are good looking, extremely charming and are so nice it isn’t even sickening. They have over 2,000 friends on Facebook – who they have actually met in person – and more ‘followers’ on Twitter than people they are ‘following’. Yeah, that’s hard. They’re famous, and someone who you want to be in regular contact with. They’ll get you through University and get you into the right social groups to help you survive lectures, walk to the local shop at 2 am in the morning to get cigarettes and help out revised on the last week before exams as your revision timetable went to bits.

That is So Last Year.
This friend is stuck in the past. They refuse to get the new iPhone, never update their Facebook status and don’t ‘get’ Twitter. Yes, one of those. You think just because University is, statistically, mostly enrolled with young students that that means they’ll all are hipsters? Think again! This friend you need to educate, and not too much as there ‘style’ could be being retro, but inform them on the important things to help them get through the year. And if they don’t want to listen, sign up to social networking sites in their name and start their social life for them. Then wait for them to wonder why so many people seem to say ‘Hi’ to them on the way to lectures, and how people know about his/hers pet cat named Henry…

Like, Whatever.
These people tend to only be around the first term as they settle into university. The majorities seem to grow out of it. The ‘Whatever’ friend is a bit of a loner at the beginning. They won’t participate in Freshers’ activities as they are already ‘so over it’ and think drinking a dirty pint is ‘so overrated’. A lot of the time, they are just lonely and don’t have the confidence to get involved. Show them that it isn’t all that bad and get the courage to talk to them first break the ice and expand their comfort zone. And it turns out they are just annoying and stuck up, you could always put cling film on their toilet…

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