10 different housemates you’ll meet at university

University is a great place to meet like-minded and fellow students, and although you’ll get on with most of them there will be some people who you don’t believe exist! Here are the different housemates you’ll meet at university.

1. The housemate who brought nothing with them

2. The one who is too OCD for your liking

3. The person who asks to borrow something after they already took it

4. The last-minute kid who floats on by

5. The lad

Who is just a little bit too lad

6. The over-sharing and over-bearing one

Err okay?

7. The cynical who likes to be pessimistic around you

8. The best friend who will always be your BFF

9. The lonely housemate

Who likes to tell everyone how alone and single they are

10. And the creepy one

Which you bitch about with your other housemates when they're not in the room.

What different housemates you’ll meet at university are you looking forward to meeting?