University: Expectations Vs Reality

Nobody can really know what their student experience will be like when they begin studying, however we have the top 10 most common university expectations for students and their reality to give you a heads up of what it will be like when you start!

1. Expectation: To stay classy when you drink

And when you do drink it doesn't have to be a messy night

Reality: You will wake up like this

And have no recollection of the night before, ever.

2. Expectation: People will notice when you're not there

Reality: Nobody will care if you don't show up

and that includes your friends too

3. Expectation: You'll compete each assignment with loads of time left

Reality: You'll start the project on the day it is due

Because Netflix took over the last three weeks

4. Expectation: You'll put time aside to study every week

Reality: You don't know what and how it happened

And you'll probably never know either

5. Expectation: You'll be in the best group for group work

Or maybe even your friend will be in there too

Reality: You will hate group work

And will always hate group work - especially that guy that does nothing (we hate him!).