11 most embarrassing moments that happen at school

These are the top embarrassing moments that happen during school that happen to nearly every one of us – and they are definitely too cringy to think about!

1. When your toilet problems became classroom talk

Whether your friend blurts out that time you had diarrhoea or you didn't quite make it to the bathroom

2. When nobody wants to play with you

And that is from being picked for PE last to being disliked by other students

3. When your mum tries to do things with you

Having your mum at the gates of school after year 7 is totally to embarrassing

4. When you fall over

In front of everyone

5. When you fall asleep in class

And even more embarrassing when you make noises or snore

6. Trying to be cool and it backfires

Having a cheeky cigarette behind the bike sheds and you get caught

7. Texting the wrong person

OMG your life is now over because you accidentally text Mr. Delaney

8. Hugging a teacher

Calling a teacher 'Mum' or hugging them thinking they're your friend is deathly

9. Having toilet paper stuck to your shoe

And nobody tells you for the entire day

10. When you mess up at the front of the class

The teacher asks you to do help with the presentation and you fail miserably

11. When everybody knows your intimate details

Having that blazing row with your 2 week boyfriend in the playground is a mistake.

What are the most embarrassing moments that you remember from school?