11 reasons a single student is great

Attempting to juggle student life can be tough enough, especially if you have a messy relationship, break up or a heavy schedule to add to it! Here are  dramatic reasons being a single student has it’s perks. Look and learn, look and learn.

1. The illegal thoughts afterwards

2. When you think you might still be able to contact them

3. When there is no chance to rekindle that old flame

4. Or if they're not as upset as you wish they were

5. Hoping that they might still feel for you

6. There is just hostility everywhere.

7. When honesty is too hurtful

8. When the other half is just a fool

9. When there are horrible things like this happening in the world

10. When you can't get through to them after

11. When you definitely can't get through

12. However, there are better texts to receive.. like from the dog