13 Essential apps for university students

Apps for university students are made to make your life easier, whether it is in the financial, social and educational aspect of your life. Scroll down to find out how to manage the important areas of your life.

1. Cue

Cue is great at combining everything into one easy-to-manage app. Cue will import all data from your other applications, including, calendars, to-do list, contacts, photographs, notes, emails, memos and tasks - making it easier for you to access the important parts of your life.

2. Sleep Cycle

This app is amazing for those who loathe early mornings. You fall asleep with your phone under your pillow or on your bed with you, and the app analyses your Deep sleep and REM patterns. It will also work as an alarm and wake you up during the optimum time during your sleep cycle so that you feel better upon waking!

3. Trello

Trello is ideal for group projects - or if you want to organise all of your assignments in one accessible space. Trello allows members to post tasks that need to be done with deadlines, and other members in your group can pick them up, complete them, upload them, or add tasks themselves. It will make group projects so much easier!

4. ATM hunter

This app shows you all the available ATMs in your local area, perfect for that cheeky kebab or that heroic taxi home after a night out.

5. Genius Scan

For iOS users, allows individuals to take a picture of notes, or a page of a textbook and the app then transforms it into a printable document, or mobile-friendly doc for on the go

6. Camscanner

Similar to Genius scan, but for Android users. This app allows you take a picture of a textbook or notes to change it to a text or PDF format, which will save you those pennies in the library photocopying!

7. Depop

Similar to eBay and Amazon. Users are able to buy and sell items secondhand, new and cheap and cheerful! If you're looking to see some of your things at the end of the year, or purchase for the next year but on the budget side this app is great for you!

8. Fitocracy

A great motivating app for those individuals wanting to exercise and keep fit. This app tracks your activity, and as you complete more exercises and goals levels you up!

9. iWallet

Great service where it transforms all of your data, finances, budgeting into graphs to show you how much you really are spending and on what areas

10. Readability

Here, you can save and add articles that you want to read or reference later in one place, and you can even download them to read them later offline

11. Splashtop

Transform your phone into a remote control for your laptop, computer or iMac! You're able to sync up with your device and control certain settings with your phone - perfect for streaming in bed

12. Splittable

A great app which helps to split bills, track expenses with your house mates and work out how much your meal was in the restaurant

13. Wunderlist

An app perfect for those who love to write lists! You can input your shopping list, memos and to-do list in one place and keep them all together