14 feels a poor student has

Some may argue that every student is a poor student at heart – especially the week after student loans have been paid! Even though you may have to learn the art of making as many meals from using baked beans as the main ingredient, in reality, being a poor student isn’t that bad!

1. You feel bad for not giving to charity more, but in reality you are in need of it too

2. You try to justify your pasta or beans intake

3. You start thinking about extreme scenarios to make yourself feel better

4. Your morals and dignity dissolve when you ring your parents for help

And you never tell them why you have no money

5. You start to realise that everything costs money

6. You hate watching TV shows and movies

Because you know your life isn't like that in any way right now

7. You get real at the SU bar

8. Student Loans tell you that your money is enough

When in reality you can only live for a few weeks

9. You feel you can set up yourself a good budget planner

10. You feel happy that they never ask you to pay towards it

11. Find yourself wondering if it is even worth it

12. You use memes to get you through the weekend

13. You believe you can get creative and it won't backfire

When really, it really really does backfire

14. You contemplate the biggest #firstworldproblems of your life