14 things you wish your university had

There will always be students who either love or hate things about their university, and there will forever be things you wish your university had too – because you either saw something cool online, or heard a silly rumour!

1. A really successful and cool society

2. Really constructive feedback that you feel you can do

3. To have a really honest lecturer

4. The ability to never have boring classmates

5. And for the SU to get bigger glasses

6. The ability to make your own rules some of the time

7. Or to have the teacher teach the annoying kids a lesson

8. And to treat you like a real adult, most of the time

9. A non-confrontational policy to save a lot of housemate arguments

10. And an honesty policy to get everything off your chest about that jerk

11. And to force everyone to give you a thumbs up when you walk by

To help your self-confidence

12. For all bad situations to be sorted through the art of rock, paper, scissors

13. And to have rooms that are actually open all the time

Instead of empty and lonely and dark

14. And sometimes for a little bit more drama

As long as you are not part of it!