16 things bound to happen at a fancy dress party

Sometimes a fancy dress party can make your week, month, or even year if it was a top-notch theme, however, there are certain things that seem to happen at nearly every single one of them! Read below to see the most common things that happen at a fancy dress party.

1. That person who takes it way too seriously

2. And are forever taking pictures of themselves

3. Then there is the 'character' romance that doesn't even make sense

I don't think Jessica Rabbit would make out with Jason

4. That one guy who will only talk in their character's voice

5. Or that other guy who takes it that one step too far

6. However, there was that really cool trick that guy did

7. And another who forgot where his outfit was

8. That person who pretends to understand the theme

9. And then to stand there and have to listen to the host's 74 other costume choices she had

10. You attempt to make the character come to life

When really you just look slightly like them

11. Attempt to freak someone out with your outfit

12. And double check if you have to go in costume at all

13. Frantically try to get the whole look to work together

14. And you already plan what you're doing with the costume after the party

15. You feel like an idiot travelling to the venue in what you're wearing

16. And just wish you were at home in your pyjamas anyway

What do you look forward when heading to a fancy dress party?