17 things that will happen on your first day at uni

Every student loves their first day at uni, either because of the induction lessons, social events or the atmosphere of Fresher’s week! We have some things that will happen on your first days at uni to help you understand what to expect!

1. You will get very very very drunk

2. And even more drunk after that

3. You'll try really hard to fit in

4. And have to do a lot of ice breakers

5. You'll feel insecure

6. And you'll regret buying your textbooks when nobody else had

7. You'll feel like a true adult after unpacking

8. And you might find that weird person who added you on FB a few weeks before

9. There will be so many things you don't understand

10. And you'll be counting down to reading week already

11. You'll dream about reinventing yourself

12. And you'll feel like you're in a big city no matter where you are

13. You'll swear to live a healthy life

14. And that you'll make an effort with your appearance every single day

15. And you'll dream about being the next Steve Jobs

16. And you'll wonder how many classes you'll miss

17. And you'll feel slightly out of depth on day 1

But that's okay, everyone feels that way!