18 mistakes all Freshers make

Freshers will be fuelled by alcohol, laughter and probably daily hangovers, and although the goal of the first few weeks of university is to settle in and become comfortable, there are common mistakes all Freshers make at the beginning of term!

1. Not unpacking the necessary items before partying

2. Understanding the Fancy Dress theme differently to everyone else

3. Not using the facilities as you're supposed to

4. Forgetting that anyone can tag you on social media the day after

5. Not realising you are the small fish now

6. You can't be BFFs with everyone

7. Forgetting to lock the door behind you

8. You'll miss the icebreakers that actually mean something

9. You'll go OTT with the partying

10. You'll do something stupid

Like this ^^

11. Or you'll miss the night out because you can't handle 3 in a row

Even though you regret it the next day

12. You forget all of the life lessons your mum taught you

13. And you'll have a terrible hangover for a week

14. Which ruins some social events you were planning to go to

15. And you'll find that people have already found BFFs

But you'll try to snuggle in there somehow

16. And you'll say something embarrassing in front of your new housemates

17. Or you won't care enough about meeting people

18. And then you'll probably miss your first lectures anyway