18 People That Can’t Use A Mirror

Selfies are great! How else will people know what you look like and are doing right now etc? Well, we’ve got 28 people that could’ve done with checking the photo before uploading it…

The Exhibitionist

Nice mirror...

Maybe work on your cropping skills?

Nice totally really bicep bro!

So much gives this one away besides the mirror...

Please say the neighbours saw this...

You'll know when you see it...

Stealth-Creeping Level: 5

Yeah, we're pretty sure that this one is fake to be fair

Photoshop God

We're not one to judge

Did they though, did they really?


"Sure, I can take your summer ball photo for you, son"

Why not just wait until you're done!?

Why would not check your reflection first!?

Did he though...did he catch you "slippin'"?

Thanks nan!