19 decorations for your student dorm room

Prospective students underestimate the pure joy that can come from planning the decorations for your student dorm room, when preparing the big move to their new campus home. We have some of the best ideas to help you make your small place of freedom and responsibility feel more homely and independent!

1. Create your own decor pieces with teapots and flowers

Save money by buying fake, plastic and long-lasting flowers

2. Take your cuddly toys and special keepsakes with you

3. Use fairy lights to create a special area in your room

4. And print lots of photographs to take with you to display

5. Try something quirky with your picture frames

6. And consume on space with your make-up

7. Buy lots of cushions to make your bed comfortable

And to act as a sofa too

8. Choose a colour scheme so that everything matches and looks neater

9. Use bottles for decoration

10. Or paint them with patterns and ideas of your choice

11. Use a shower caddy for organisational storage

12. And use plants to bring life into your space

13. Use small inventive pieces to make it feel more homely

14. Or book print/newspaper/picture art to create your own decor

15. Paint mason jars to store different items in

16. And make a collage wall to put all your favourite things in one place

17. Purchase or make quirky coasters

18. Or spell out a quote or word with pictures next to your bed

19. And have at least one quote to help you get through those all-nighters!